Unilogik Systems Announces Reseller Agreement with EnterpriseDB





Release Date: October 26, 2016

Unilogik Systems, Canada’s open source Leader, today announced its reseller agreement with EnterpriseDB® (EDB™), the Postgres database platform company. Unilogik Systems will work with EnterpriseDB to identify organizations for which the EDB Postgres™ Platform can offer the benefits of an enterprise-ready, open source-based data platform, and the ability to integrate easily with legacy systems and Big Data solutions.

“With the recognition of Postgres as a real alternative to traditional solutions, EnterpriseDB is in a unique position to deliver measurable value to enterprises under pressure to realize greater value from their technology spend,” says Vikram Kumar, Managing Director at Unilogik Systems. “Having seen the number of major companies and large government departments already deploying EDB Postgres, we are confident that the combination of our local and industry knowledge of EDB Postgres will enable us to develop robust, reliable solutions for key applications.”

Unilogik’s sales and technical consultants are respected experts in implementing robust, mission-critical applications, and they have identified a growing appetite among key sectors, such as federal and provincial governments, for open source-based solutions to enable resources to be reinvested in modernizing IT infrastructures to spur digital business initiatives.

“Organizations are racing to leverage data and new technologies to fuel growth and drive competitive advantage. Speed to market is imperative and requires solutions with greater flexibility and increased effectiveness. Data infrastructure has become central to strategic differentiation and organizations that master the complexities of integrating new, more powerful data management solutions will lead their markets,” said Mike Huseman, Senior Vice President, Sales and Business Development, EnterpriseDB. “By working with Unilogik, we are able to execute on a deliberate strategy to expand the EDB Postgres footprint in Canada.”

EnterpriseDB customers realized a 168% return on investment, according to an independent study, The Economic and Business Advantages of EDB Postgres Database Solutions, developed by International Data Corp (IDC), a leading IT market research and advisory firm. The study further found (i) the payback period on EDB Postgres was four months; (ii) EDB Postgres customers spent 65% less on database-related costs; and (iii) ongoing database maintenance costs were lowered by 32%.

The EDB Postgres™ Platform creates a cohesive data management fabric that accommodates a wider range of workloads and tasks by integrating with legacy systems and emerging Big Data solutions. By offering a tested and proven database with the enterprise capabilities necessary to manage multi-model data, connecting with existing systems, and deploying rapidly across multiple environments, EDB Postgres provides organizations of all sizes the most complete open source-based data platform for digital business.


About Unilogik Systems

Unilogik Systems Inc (www.unilogik.com) has been in business for over 20 years, specializing in providing IT middle-Tier and middleware Infrastructure Solutions for business clients in Canada. Working with clients, we determine a technology strategy that meets & exceeds their objectives by developing solutions within our core competencies, ie Red Hat Open Source solutions, Database Management, Virtualization, Application Optimization/Performance, Middleware software and Technology Infrastructure.

Unilogik offers a strong focus on solutions with specializations in the areas of Database Management, Enterprise Storage, Disaster Recovery and Technology Infrastructure. Our Sales & Technical consultants help in performing IT infrastructure Assessments, Architecture Design, Performance Tuning & providing implementation Services.

To learn more about how Unilogik helps agencies transition to and deploy open source platforms, please contact us.



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