Unilogik and SYMANTEC/VERITAS have teamed together since 1999 in a concentrated effort to provide comprehensive storage management, data protection, high availability and disaster recovery solutions. Unilogik’s technical and business staff participates in intensive, ongoing partner training directly from SYMANTEC/VERITAS, an effort which ensures that our professionals operate at the top of their field and deliver seamless end-to-end assistance in all areas of your project. Unilogik provides the full line of standard and customizable SYMANTEC/VERITAS products and solutions, including NetBackup, Volume Manager, File System, and Cluster Server.

“We rely on Unilogik to provide integrated solutions to their customers. Unilogik is an organization I would recommend to individuals looking to integrate SYMANTEC/VERITAS products into their company.”

Fred Dimson, General Manager
SYMANTEC/VERITAS Software Canada Inc


SYMANTEC/VERITAS Software Corporation (Nasdaq: VRTS) is the leading provider of storage management software for data protection, application availability, and disaster recovery. 86 percent of the Fortune 500 companies rely on SYMANTEC/VERITAS Software storage management solutions that offer proven interoperability across diverse applications, servers, storage hardware, and appliances. SYMANTEC/VERITAS technology enables optimal manageability and performance of your enterprise systems and applications.

For detailed information about SYMANTEC/VERITAS solutions and products, please contact Unilogik or visit the Symantec/Veritas website at


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