Unilogik’s Virtualization Assessment Services

At a Glance:

• Condense your server footprint
• Optimize energy and facilities expenditures
• Eliminate wasted capacity
• Improve storage utilization
• Maximize network bandwidth
• Augment disaster recovery plan
Know What You Have to Ensure Success
Preparing for a virtualized server infrastructure takes more than just knowing the number of physical servers or applications in your data center. It requires comprehensive intelligence about computing capacity and the resources required for each application, interdependencies throughout your environment, and the most effective way to consolidate into a virtual infrastructure. If you are contemplating a shift to a virtualized environment, but are concerned about cost, management, and quantifying results, Unilogik can help.

Unilogik’s Virtualization Assessment

Unilogik takes an independent, multi-vendor approach to give you an objective perspective on how a virtualization solution can improve your IT operations. We identify and address IT interdependencies to deliver a virtualization solution that will work across the enterprise.
First, we help you understand the performance requirements of your applications. A Unilogik Virtualization Assessment provides:
• Discovery and comprehensive inventory of current server assets through the use of our capacity planning tool
• Performance analysis to fully understand the baseline computing requirements
• Overview of storage consumption and how integration of virtual machines will provide flexibility
• An installation and integration plan for building the virtual infrastructure that documents the impact on storage, networking, and other data center elements • Migration plans for moving existing physical servers to the virtual servers while minimizing down time and risk
The complete Virtualization Assessment also includes a detailed look at:
• Applications currently supported
• The amount of storage consumed
• Network bandwidth requirements
• A roadmap of how virtualization will affect operations for backup, disaster recovery, and server deployment
Whether you are planning for consolidation, growth, containment, new hardware acquisitions, upgrades, or managing legacy systems, Unilogik’s Virtualization Assessment

Getting the Unilogik Advantage

For more than 15 years, Unilogik has delivered forward-thinking advice, technology, and operation-enhancing solutions. As an independent advisor, Unilogik can help address various aspects of your IT infrastructure, including how new solutions may affect the bigger picture. Working with every major provider, Unilogik acts as a single point of contact for managing the cost, effectiveness, and risk related to your information systems.

Let Unilogik Help

Business objectives—and business issues—don’t exist in a vacuum. Unilogik identifies and addresses IT interdependencies to deliver solutions that work across your enterprise.


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