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Unilogik Systems Inc has been in business for over 20 years, specializing in providing Information Technology Infrastructure Solutions to business clients in Canada. We work with our clients to determine a technology strategy that meets and exceeds their objectives by developing solutions within our core competencies including:

  • Red Hat Open Source
  • Oracle Database Performance Tuning and Analysis
  • Server Virtualization
  • Desktop Virtualization
  • Application Optimization & Performance
  • High Availability Clustering Solutions
  • Database Analysis and Design
  • Software resale Services

Unilogik assists clients in implementing advanced technologies and improving overall business performance. Steady expansion over time has allowed Unilogik to grow from its Vancouver-based operation to become a recognized Technology Leader for organizations across Canada. Our Sales & Technical consultants help in performing:

  • IT Infrastructure Assessments
  • Architecture Design
  • Performance Tuning
  • Providing Implementation Services

Commercial and Commodity Trading:

For over 20 years Unilogik has been providing IT middle-tier and middleware infrastructure solutions for commercial and commodity trading companies country-wide. Unilogik understands the need in these environments for high-availability, large data stores and highly-scalable environments.


We like to pride ourselves in being “the trusted technology adviser to the the technology industry“. We are often called upon by our technology clients to help design, select, and provide guidance for new implementations or to upgrade current large enterprise-scale environments that include virtualization, databases, and storage in multi-site and even multi-national deployments.


Unilogik Systems has been working with both Provincial and Federal agencies since inception and understands the specific needs that government clients have. From helping clients to take advantage of MSAs / NMSOs to choosing the right enterprise technology, Unilogik enables government clients to deal quickly and cost effectively.

Unilogik has top tier vendors to help your agency build and achieve these objectives and manage your IT programs efficiently.  Whatever your agency’s mission is, Unilogik can give your agency effective ways to serve your citizens, your analysts, and your workforce.


Education is one of the verticals that Unilogik is most proud to take part in. In the past few years Unilogik has perfected their understanding of the academic field. We understand that each project, each department, each individual and each environment is indeed different and that the academic field is both growing and changing constantly. It is with this insight that Unilogik assesses each request, understanding the exact need of that institution. Unilogik is grateful to be a part of the academic world and is capable of determining what your needs are and helping with your academic IT necessaries. With experience with all the major student information systems (Banner/PeopleSoft, etc.) Unilogik has knowledge on how best to deploy and setup highly-available and scalable advanced education/educational systems.


For over 20 years Unilogik has been providing IT middle-tier and middleware Infrastructure solutions for credit unions and financial companies country-wide. Unilogik understands the quick and fast pace that occurs daily in the financial world. The team at Unilogik has decades of experience working with financial firms and puts this unique advantage to work for our clients.

Unilogik is experienced with many other unique environments including but not limited to Energy, Distribution, Transportation, Forestry, Oil & Gas, Real-Estate, Retail, and Telecom. Please contact Unilogik and find out how our IT expertise and IT solutions can benefit and help your business.


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