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Unilogik has certified specialists located through Western Canada to deliver expertise when and where it’s needed.

Unilogik Systems Inc has been in business since 1996, specializing in providing IT Infrastructure Solutions to business clients in Canada. We work with our clients to determine a technology strategy that meets and exceeds their objectives by developing solutions within our core competencies, ie, Database Management, Virtualization, Application Optimization and Performance, Enterprise Storage and Technology Infrastructure.

Unilogik Systems Inc provides IT Solutions that provide organizations with the ability to manage and bridge their islands of data. We have a strong focus on solutions with specializations in the areas of Database Management, Enterprise Storage, Disaster Recovery and Technology Infrastructure. Our Sales & Technical consultants help in performing IT infrastructure Assessments, Architecture Design, Performance Tuning & providing implementation Services.

Our solutions generally incorporate software systems from Tier-1 Technology companies. These solutions are customized as per the needs and business requirements of our clients.

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