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Know What You Have to Ensure Success

Preparing for a virtualized server infrastructure takes more than just knowing the number of physical servers or applications in your data center. It requires comprehensive intelligence about computing capacity and the resources required for each application, interdependencies throughout your environment, and the most effective way to consolidate into a virtual infrastructure. If you are contemplating a shift to a virtualized environment, but are concerned about cost, management, and quantifying results, Unilogik can help.

Unilogik’s Virtualization Assessment

Unilogik takes an independent, multi-vendor approach to give you an objective perspective on how a virtualization solution can improve your IT operations. We identify and address IT interdependencies to deliver a virtualization solution that will work across the enterprise.

First, we help you understand the performance requirements of your applications. A Unilogik Virtualization Assessment provides:

The complete Virtualization Assessment also includes a detailed look at:

Whether you are planning for consolidation, growth, containment, new hardware acquisitions, upgrades, or managing legacy systems, Unilogik’s Virtualization Assessment will support your organization within all four walls of the data center.

Align & Operate IT. Virtualization helps you achieve overarching business goals for performance, profitability and cost reduction.

Manage Risk. Advanced virtualization features allow you to augment the business continuity/disaster recovery processes. Virtualized servers are encapsulated within storage, allowing the servers and applications to be moved, migrated, or deployed on heterogeneous hardware. This flexibility greatly enhances your ability to meet recovery time objectives.

Protect & Manage Data. Virtualization better utilizes your networked storage and backup software, and can optimize the data replication process. Advanced storage replication coupled with virtualization can contribute to a more successful disaster recovery execution.

Optimize the Data Center. Virtualization helps

Eliminate the negative consequences of server sprawl on HVAC, electricity, and floor space. And, virtualization software tools greatly simplify data center relocation, whether you are moving physical-to-physical or physical to-virtual servers. Our Virtualization Assessment can also help you anticipate the impact of blade servers on your data center.

Enhance IT Infrastructure. Each physical server may require multiple network port attachments. Consolidating resources via virtualization affects network topology and can optimize the use of bandwidth to migrate physical or virtual servers across the wire. Whether physical or virtual, server operating systems require patch management, upgrades and maintenance. Virtualization software solutions allow you to keep “gold” images, and manage the overall operating system pool more efficiently to create an on-demand infrastructure.

Manage IT Assets. Virtualization allows you to migrate older applications and operating systems to a virtual infrastructure, regardless of the hardware platform where they currently reside. As long as the operating system is supported by the virtual infrastructure, the application can be decoupled from its current hardware.