Red Hat Learning Subscription: Free Trial
(July 2, 2020)

Fill skills gaps and address business challenges by taking advantage of unlimited access to Red Hat’s comprehensive curriculum.
Which option is best for you?

Individual: These one-year subscriptions are designed to help you develop the skills and knowledge demanded by a growing technology market. These versions are offered in both online training and video classroom formats, with high-quality content designed to prepare you for certification exams.

Enterprise: Red Hat Learning Subscription Enterprise offers a flexible, economical way to deliver the critical skills your team needs. Tailored to organizations seeking to train many users on Red Hat technologies, this solution lets many employees learn for significantly less than the cost of individual subscriptions.
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Containers: Understanding the difference between portability, compatibility and supportability
(July 1, 2020)

If you are running production grade workloads that need reliability over a long lifecycle, run RHEL container images on RHEL container hosts, as this is engineered for portability, compatibility, and scoped for support.
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Top telco benefits of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8
(June 25, 2020)

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 comes with a host of enhancements to help digital service providers (DSPs) build a foundation for responding to customer requirements and seize new opportunities, particularly as they deploy 5G and edge services. From cloud portability to performance improvements and more, there are significant advantages for DSPs to explore.(Read more)

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform
(June 23, 2020)

Deploy automation with greater confidence, efficiently. The new Ansible Content Collections include 17 new Collections that are all written and supported by Red Hat, available for many popular network, security and cloud partners. Read more about Collections and other Ansible Automation Platform updates.(Read more)

OpenShift virtualization. What’s in it for Developers? What’s in it for Operators? What’s in it for VMware customers?
(June 22, 2020)

Previously known as container-native virtualization (“CNV”), OpenShift virtualization is a feature of the OpenShift platform that enables your teams to modernize and accelerate application delivery by bringing traditional VMs into OpenShift where they run side by side with containers, and be managed as native Kubernetes objects, all on the OpenShift platform, all by the same team(s).(Read more)

How the future of robotics will be built on open tools
(June 17, 2020)

The Robot Operating System, aka ROS, isn’t actually an operating system. But it is changing the world of robotics. In the new Open Source Stories film, see how it came to be and meet the people who built this game-changing software from the codebase up.(Read more)

Putting digital transformation into practice in 2020 (June 11, 2020)

Digital transformation is critical to remain competitive, but some companies focus on only one piece of the puzzle, which can impede progress. True digital transformation is based on the full adoption of 3 main elements: culture, process, and technology.
Culture change remains a challenge
While a large percentage (86%) of leaders agree that digital transformation requires the right mix of culture, processes, and technology, 63% cite culture change as their biggest challenge. This may indicate that companies are unclear how to fully address it.
Modernize processes with formal methodologies
68% of respondents highly value continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) processes, yet only 43% have implemented this methodology. Collaboration across departments and adopting agile concepts like “fail-fast” remain a challenge for many.
Technology depends on business requirements
Nearly ¾ (72%) of the leaders surveyed say that technology is extremely important to adapt quickly to customer demands, yet only 31% say that their investment is helping to improve their agility. The absence of clear business goals may prevent getting the most value out of this investment.
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