Education is one of the verticals that Unilogik is most proud to take a part in. In the past few years Unilogik has perfected their understanding of the academic field. We understand that each project, each department, each individual and each environment is indeed different and that the academic field is both growing and changing constantly. It is with this insight that Unilogik assesses each request to understand the exact need of that institution. Unilogik is grateful to being a part of the academic world and is capable of determining what your needs are and helping with your academic IT necessaries. With experience with all the major student information systems, Unilogik has knowledge on how best to deploy and setup and highly-available and scalable advanced education / educational systems.

Using Red Hat Products and Services, your bsiness can run enterprise applications on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, modernize education and operational applications using Red Hat JBoss Middleware and so on. Being Premier Red Hat Partner in Vancouver, we provide various Red Hat software, products, and services to educational institutions.

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